Are there any special requirements to use Indexy?

In order to run Indexy, you’ll need a reasonably recent version of WordPress, on a server that runs PHP 5 or newer. With most hosting companies, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Will Indexy work with WordPress version x?

Indexy is developed and tested using the most recent version of WordPress, and any new release will, to the best of my knowledge, always work with the latest version(s) of WordPress. Older releases in the same major version of WordPress should generally work. For any versions older than that, Indexy may or not work; you’ll have to test it to find out.

The plugin should work correctly on Multisite installations, however I don’t specifically test for that.

How can I customize Indexy?

For information on customizing Indexy, please refer to the documentation.

Why does Indexy prompt me to install the Meta Box plugin?

The Meta Box plugin helps Indexy display boxes with settings on the add/edit post page. If you don’t have it installed, nothing will break, but you’ll miss out on some of the plugin’s features.

Other than that, Meta Box does not affect your WordPress website; it is not visible to your site’s visitors, nor does it do anything else. (You also don’t need the premium versions of Meta Box.)

Can Indexy be translated to language x?

Yes, Indexy can be translated, however translations (other than English) are currently included.

A .po file is included in the plugins languages/ folder; you can open this file using Poedit (or any other similar editor of your choice) and make your own translation of the plugin. If you would like to contribute your translation to the plugin, I would love to include it in the plugin’s distribution; please contact me using the contact form.

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