Indexy is a plugin for WordPress that lets you create a glossary of terms, write definitions, and highlight those terms inside your posts. Visitors can hover over any highlighted terms to see a short excerpt, or click them for the full definition. As an author, you get several shiny shortcodes to enhance your website, as well as widgets to show off your glossary and make navigation easy.

Using Indexy, you can create glossary pages, which function similarly to regular posts or pages in WordPress. In addition to the title of the article, you can define any number of synonyms. Whenever any of the terms come up in a page or blog post, they will be highlighted according to the rules set in the plugin’s options.

Download Indexy through the Plugin Directory


  1. Install Indexy either via the plugin directory, or by manually uploading the files to your server.
  2. Navigate to the Plugins screen in the WordPress administration panel and activate Indexy.
  3. Go through the Indexy settings panel and configure the plugin as you like.
  4. If you like, customize the look of the plugin by creating a custom indexy.css file in your theme’s folder. You can also create a custom template for glossary pages.
  5. That’s it!

Support Indexy

Developing Indexy takes time and effort. If you enjoy using the plugin and find it useful, please consider making a donation to support its development.

Make a Donation


If you have any questions, if you wish to report an issue with Indexy, suggest features or improvements for upcoming versions, or generally provide feedback about the plugin, please use the contact form.

Please ensure that your question hasn’t been already answered in the documentation or the FAQ.

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