Programming Linguistics #1 — First Things First

December 1, 2015 · Posted in Programming Linguistics · Comment 

Programming is something I’ve been doing since I was in elementary school. Maybe back then it wasn’t quite what it was today — but from a young age I’ve started experimenting with making computers do the things I’d like them to do. For one of the first things I’ve ever tried, I started out crafting batch files that used all kinds of weird hackery to accomplish simple tasks. I slowly moved into HTML, a little bit of JavaScript and after some time gradually learned to write PHP (I only learned about CSS later on because at the time, CSS didn’t even exist yet).

As the years passed I’ve learned plenty of other languages. I still do a lot of PHP, but I also like using C/C++ (which, despite their similarities, are also very different languages). But, as with most things, over time things have started to bother me about the tools I use — and invariably, sooner or later the thought comes up — “I could do better”.

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