I did what?

March 1, 2016 · Posted in Fun Things · Comment 

I attempted what?

When accepting this suggestion, the next two suggested words were ‘of course’.

Thanks, SwiftKey. You know me so well.


Repost: Negative File Size

December 22, 2015 · Posted in Fun Things · Comment 

This is a repost of content from this blog before I decided to take down the existing content and start from scratch.

A couple of years ago, I was having trouble with a hard drive that did not want to function the way it was supposed to. Some data was lost, and some of it I was able to recover using file recover tools.

However, the files it recovered had some curious issues. Aside from being corrupted, some files seemingly gained the capability to store millions of terabytes of information inside them:

File size: 4.44659e-323 bytes

This is also a good example of why I think strongly defining data types is important: it would prevent strange appearances like this (along with all the potential problems that such a file might cause because no other code expects to ever see such a thing). If the developers at Microsoft had chosen to use an unsigned integer to handle file sizes (rather than blindly grabbing an int) — after all, a file can never be less than zero bytes in size — things like this could simply not happen.


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Sometimes, the ways in which things get abbreviated are a little unfortunate. Case in point…

The Song of the Butt


September 29, 2015 · Posted in Blog · Comment 

I have stated several times in the past that a revamping of the website is underway. Overall, not that much has happened yet, unfortunately.

Aside from a change of style (the current theme of this website is many years old, and frankly, very outdated), I have also felt like the website seriously needs refocussing. After long debate, I’ve decided to no longer have my older posts visible. They still exist, and in time I might decide to re-publish some of them, but I feel as though many of them no longer reflect how I currently feel, and who I am now — and so I would rather start fresh, with a new focus on the things I care about.

I have no definite timeframe at this time, but things will happen again — somewhere in the, hopefully not too far, future.

A Soul Waking